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Many of us at one time or another have lost a job. Sometimes we know it is going to happen and other times it seems to come without warning.

In 2014, the Security Executive Council (SEC) used a Security Barometer quick poll to gather some information about why leaders in its Tier 1 Leader and online communities have been dismissed from their jobs.

As shown below, 27% of respondents have lost a job as a result of a change in management or merger/acquisition. It can be argued that roughly 40% of respondents lost their position for reasons over which they might have had some control.

What perhaps is more valuable is some of the guidance these security leaders offered on avoiding a recurrence.

While there were many suggestions, one common theme centered on actively marketing the value the security/risk mitigation team brings to the organization. Suggestions about how to accomplish this included taking action to ensure your management is kept informed about what your team is doing and that management understands the challenges it faces.

In order to effectively communicate the value you and your team bring to the organization, you must truly understand the business. You can gain valuable insight by listening to other leaders at all levels of your organization.

When selecting ways to demonstrate this value, it is important to remember that non-security personnel do not approach risk issues the same way you do. It’s not about security, it’s about how you deliver positive business results.

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