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Demonstrating Value: Communicating Value

Benchmarks Aren't Magic, They're Tools
Benchmarking can inform corporate goal setting and can play a significant role in strategic planning. Unless security leaders look beyond the numbers to consider all the potential explanations of why their program varies from the average, they’ll still be missing critical insights.

Exploring the Value Story
Our value has to be connected to our success in measurably impacting risk. What are the measures, and how are you communicating the critical messages?.

Faculty Advisor: Helping Management Understand the Value of Your Security Organization
Our SEC Faculty Advisor responds to a question and offers some ideas on creating a context or framework in which business leaders can understand how security adds value.

Security Barometer: What is the Most Important Concept You Need to Communicate to Management
This Security Barometer quick poll, conducted in 2016, took a look at what practitioners are communicating to management and the outcome of those discussions.

A Brief Introduction to the Value of Corporate Security for Non-Security Professionals
Corporate security can mean different things to different organizations. The SEC's Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI)research has identified 20 different responsibilities that fall under a corporate security department.

Faculty Advisor: Security's Failure to Communicate Value
When security is viewed purely as an expense it becomes difficult for the business side to view it as delivering results like others functions. This Faculty Advisor discusses ways to communicate security's true value to the businesses.

Faculty Advisor: Getting to Know the New Boss
Our SEC research shows that a change of boss is one of the top reasons that security leaders lose their jobs. This Faculty Advisor recommends some successful strategies for gaining management support for the security function.

Security State of the Industry: Measuring Security Leader and Program Value Potential and its Relation to Being Valued by the Business
After the Next Crisis Happens, Will You be Ready to Quickly Explain Security’s Value to the Business?

Security Barometer: Are Core Security Programs Being Neglected?
You might be concerned about the programs, but either the organization is not interested, or you are too busy with urgent issues to work on improving them.

Are You Ready to Make Your Business Case
If you can't justify your proposal to the people who need to fund and support it, why should they say yes?

How to Quickly Show Stakeholders the State of the Security Program
The Security Success Foundation Assessment™ has proven its value in a range of programs, from brand new, to transitioning, to established and mature.

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