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Program Best Practices: Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC)

Defining Best Practices in Global Security Operations Centers: Initial Output from the SEC GSOC Best Practices Working Group
This is the initial report from a SEC GSOC program. It incorporates extensive benchmarking of corporate security organizations to gather baseline data on participating company and security department demographics.

SOC/GSOC Benchmark Survey Results
The following results are from the SEC’s GSOC Best Practices Group that brings together over 50 global organizations to share proven practices and develop program strategies.

Faculty Advisor: Establishing a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)
For those thinking of establishing a GSOC to support their company and security organization, we provide some fundamental considerations to think about.

Five Essential Considerations for Establishing a Valued Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)
Whether you are in the proposal stage of building your GSOC or in active operations, here are five critical elements to consider that are critical to success.

Next Generation Security Leader Forum: Driving Unified Risk Oversight through Global Security Operations Centers
This is the Executive Summary from a SEC Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) Executive Development curriculum hosted by the Boeing Company.

Is Your GSOC Contributing to Operational Excellence?
This brief self-assessment can help prepare you for a conversation about your GSOC's needs and capabilities with executive management

GSOC: Business Drivers and Service Scope
During COVID-19 companies with existing Security Operations Centers have been able to leverage their SOC/GSOC capabilities to add value like never before.

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