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Program Best Practices: Insider Threat

The Threat of the Malicious Insider: What is the CFO's Responsibility
Malicious insiders can do far more damage to the organization than any external attack. The insider threat should be a significant concern for both public and private organizations.
Faculty Advisor: Insider Threats Pose Significant Risks to Organizations. Our SEC Faculty Advisor talks about risks related to insider threat and the potential impact on organizations.
How Does Your Insider Threat Compare? A short evaluation of your insider threat vulnerability Many companies are now building or enhancing their insider threat program – and beyond classified information security. Insider Threat is a Challenging Organizational Problem Based on intensive research and insights from leading companies, the Security Executive Council (SEC) recommends a comprehensive monitoring and screening process to address ongoing perceived and real insider risk
Development of an Insider Threat ProgramThe SEC created a graphic that depicts the main elements of a insider threat program. The Top Action to Combat Insider Threat Now perhaps more than ever, insiders both malicious and otherwise can wreak a significant amount of damage to organizations almost instantaneously.

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