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Demonstrating Value: Alignment

Faculty Advisor: How to Really Connect with Your Business Leaders
As Chief Security Officer, the way you respond to the question, "What does 'security' really do for our business?" will impact the success of your security program and, most importantly, the success of the business.

Faculty Advisor: Getting Traction for the Security Program Within the Organization
Our SEC Faculty Advisor offers some key components to consider in developing a successful security program and, specifically, how to align the role with the organization.

Faculty Advisor: Thinking Strategically to Enhance Security-Business Alignment
Moving from traditional security thinking to business leadership thinking and presenting programs to match the driving forces of the business side is key to developing a security-business alignment.

Five Factors that are Key to Your Success
SEC research and trending on successful corporate security leaders and programs found there are three main factors and two cultural attributes that play a role in the success of enhancing or moving programs ahead in any given organization.

Aligning Security Services with Business Objectives (Parts 1-6)
Aligning Security Services with Business Objectives outlines how security practitioners can articulate the value of the absence of security problems.

Often Missed Key Success Strategies That Can Undermine Your Programs and Career
Achieve success by aligning to what is attainable in your organization.

Why Isn't This Working? Three Steps to Overcoming Security Challenges
Baffled by executives’ lack of engagement? Sidelined by negative feedback on risk management decisions? Constantly battling internal customers’ unwillingness to comply with policies?

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