Leadership Solutions

Corporate Security Maturity Assessment

The Security Executive Council (SEC) is conducting research on maturity models for corporate security. Our goal is to provide a convenient and secure way for leaders of corporate security programs to conduct their own assessment of maturity on the security programs they manage.

What's In It For You

The following are simplified maturity assessments for selected security programs. By participating in these assessments, you will be provided a score that will allow you to place your security program on the corporate security maturity model continuum.

Optionally, if you provide a name and email address, we will send you a summary report so that you can anonymously compare your score with your peers aggregated scores.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality Remains Secure

All data provided will be considered confidential and will only be shared in an aggregate manner that preserves the privacy and confidentiality of the participant and the organization they represent.

How to Participate

Click below on the program you want to assess. Each survey contains only five maturity related questions so the time it takes is minimal. You can participate in as many of the assessments as apply to your programs. Upon completion of each assessment you will receive your corporate security maturity continuum score for that specific program.

Uniformed Officer Services assessment

Access Control and Physical Security assessment

Investigations assessment

Global Security Operations Center assessment

Threat Management and Safe and Secure Workplaces assessment