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Program Best Practices: Policy and Guidelines

Not Following Established Policy Tops List of Most Significant Threats to Information Protection This early release summary of "Threats to Information Protection 2015" provides a glimpse into the results of extensive research performed by Kennesaw State University's Center for Information Security Education (CISE) in partnership with the SEC.
Corporate Security Policy Template
A strong policy can make a significant impact on security's ability to set, communicate, and enforce requirements for managing risk. The attached template, based on research conducted by the Security Executive Council, can help guide you as you write your next one.

Security Barometer – Security Policies that Organizations Have in Place
This Security Barometer peer poll looked at what security policies organizations have in place and corporate security's responsibility.

Personal Safety Guidelines for International Travel
Security and safety awareness practices should be part of any travel, but safe international travel demands special preparation.

Physical Security: Assessing the Needs of Your Business
In order to build a security system that works for business, the needs of that business must first be assessed.

Addressing COVID-19 Related Complaints and Reporting
Organizations need to be prepared to respond to questions and concerns about new risk mitigation procedures and protocols as well as address non-compliance.

Protest Guide for Security Leaders
Help your organization analyze its risk and take action in areas that may be impacted by civil unrest.

Security Barometer - Expected Employee Response to Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations
Fallout can be expected regardless of whether your organization requires vaccinations to return to work.

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