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Program Best Practices: Resilience

Security Barometer Results: Which is the Most Popular Business Continuity Standard?
This Security Barometer quick poll explores what business continuity standards security leaders were using when developing their programs.
Remembering the 3 Cs Can Ensure a Successful Evacuation Plan
A carefully crafted evacuation plan can provide a degree of order and discipline to an otherwise chaotic emergency situation.
Business Continuity and You – Tips, Tales and Tools
Business continuity planning identifies potential risks and the resources needed to provide effective assessment, preparedness, response, and recovery from those risks.
Faculty Advisor: Preparing for Crises Beforehand
Our SEC Faculty Advisor gives some tips on being prepared for damaging incidents.
Management by Walking Around Gets You Ready for a Crisis
A chief security officer has to nurture, cultivate and respect relationships with internal and external partners who are essential to resolving a critical incident. One way to do so is to simply walk around.
Tabletop Exercises: Choosing the Right Scenario
Our SEC Faculty Advisor recommends using tabletop scenarios that are applicable to your business processes, realistic, not too simple, yet not beyond the reach of your team.
Business Continuity Program (BCP) Strategic Plan Cycle
BCP review and evaluation must remain connected to other company planning cycles and should be an annual strategic priority.
Corporate Contingency Planning Umbrella
To ensure value, an organization's BCP must align with its overall mission and purpose.
Four Interdependent Risk-Based Functions of Business Continuity Planning
This chart highlights the four interdependent risk-based functions of BCP: assessment of business needs and risks, and preparedness for, response to, and recovery from emergencies.
Measures and Metrics for Business Continuity Programs
All security programs should be measured for performance. Successful security leaders have used the slides in this presentation to demonstrate the value their Business Continuity programs are delivering to their organizations.
Vendor Resilience Questionnaire
This checklist provides a good starting point to help you determine how prepared your key vendors are to quickly and effectively manage disruptions to their operations that could impact you.
When Emotions Run High: Dealing with Stress in Crisis Management
It's important to remember that when a crisis hits a company, no matter how well prepared that company is, emotions will run high.
Faculty Advisor: Developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Our SEC Faculty Advisor suggests some steps to develop/improve and implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to meet the specific needs of the company.
Incident Management Flowchart
The framework helps clarify that one point of contact is responsible for communicating to the various Incident teams in order to alleviate the typical flood of calls at the early stages of an incident.

It Happens. Are You Prepared to Respond?

This summary of an SEC Security State of the Industry briefing provides insight on preparing for and managing all types of critical incidents.

The Risk Assessment Threat Matrix and Heat Map

After identifying hazards and vulnerabilities this tool can help effectively analyze and communicate the results.

Top Security Practices for a Resilient Business

A group of security leaders gathered to share lessons they have learned from challenging experiences.
Structured Critical Incident Response (Parts 1-4) This four-part Structured Critical Incident Management, demonstrates how to develop and train an Incident Management Team (IMT) to protect a private-sector company during a critical incident.

Critical Incident Matrix

A simple matrix can serve as a visual resource to assist in outlining and prioritizing Incident Management Team decisions.

What Makes a Comprehensive Business Continuity Program?

Security directors must be ready to show the C-suite what a strong comprehensive business continuity program looks like and how their program measures up.

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