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Program Best Practices: Protecting People

Security State of the Industry: Could Your Security Program Fall Below Industry Standard of Care Resulting in a Finding of Negligence?
A summary of a SEC Security State of the Industry briefing featuring a study of recent case law involving workplace violence programs.

Workplace Violence Continuum
This graphic is a process chart, an internal awareness tool and program development tool.

Faculty Advisor: A Toolbox to Develop or Validate Your Workplace Violence Prevention Program
Our SEC Faculty Advisor gives some pointers on workplace violence program design and implementation.

Faculty Advisor: Is My Workplace Violence Program Ready for the Next Generation of Challenges?- Preparing for Crises Beforehand
Our SEC Faculty Advisor responds to a request for guidance on ensuring that the program meets current requirements including duty of care.

Workplace Violence Cross-Functional Risk Management Teams
The roles and responsibilities of the cross-functional team are identified and documented through a process of team member selection, indoctrination, training and performance results.

Faculty Advisor: Keeping Your Workplace Violence Program Current
The program may seem adequate now but how do you ensure it stays ahead of an ever-changing risk environment?
Keeping Your Workplace Violence Program Current Our SEC Faculty Advisor talks about planning and preparing to dynamically evolve your workplace violence program with an ever-changing risk environment. Personnel Protection Concepts of Executive Security (Parts 1-2) This presentation presents an overview of both the proactive and reactive components of personnel protection, covering the layering of security measures, target hardening, intelligence gathering, and awareness.
Personnel Protection: Advance Procedures This five-part series describes some advance security planning and arrangements for executive protection. Event Risk Analysis Template Use this template to identify and organize risk factors to help your organization make informed event security decisions.
Baking in Success to Your Workplace Violence Program Our SEC Faculty Advisor discusses opportunities to "bake in" success as you design and develop your workplace violence program

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