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Risk-Based Security: Board Level Risk/Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Balancing Board-Level Risk
Many Boards of Directors are re-examining their structure and processes to ensure that risk is appropriately identified, managed, and monitored.

Managing Enterprise-Wide Board Risk
One risk failure at a single point in a company or its supplier network - particularly one picked up by the media - can now have a profound effect across the entire enterprise.

Making the Case for an Operational Risk Leadership Advisory Council - A Guide for Influencing Enterprise Risk Management at the Operational Level
We find that, despite best intentions, enterprise risk management often fails. Risk mitigation assurance requires that we get beyond one-dimensional, compliance-only, enterprise risk "list" management.

Faculty Advisor: Where is Security’s best Opportunity in Enterprise Risk Management?
Our SEC Faculty Advisor gives some thoughtful strategies on managing risks across the company’s businesses.
Facility Criticality and Mitigations Option Tool The SEC developed this Criticality/Mitigation Options tool to provide security leaders with an organized, visual format for communicating the security organization's perception of risk levels and mitigation options. Why Focus on Business Reputation Risk? This recent Security Executive Council (SEC) Security Barometer poll found the one thing that security practitioners felt would most help their department and career is to become more involved with the business side of the organization.
The Mission is Not Cybersecurity - It's Enterprise Security Security's current business model can deliver on the routine service demands, but our role in meeting these increasingly consequential risks will require a much more inclusive and mature presence. Is Enterprise Risk Management Enough? This is an excerpt from one of the SEC's Security State of the Industry Briefings on Enterprise Risk Management.
Establishing the Value of All-Hazards Risk Mitigation (Parts 1-5) Companies can tangibly enhance enterprise risk mitigation and brand by prioritizing people across the organization. Unified Risk Oversight™ Foundational Findings Risk management is cross functional and without a unified approach the risk of gaps and duplication can be hazardous to your organization.
Lack of Executive Support? Hit Them With a Board (Level Risk) This resource will help you communicate the role security can play in addressing the most significant risks to the organization.

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