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Security Leadership: Development

After You've Moved into a New Role in Security
Some thoughts on how to engage the business as a new Security Leader.

The OPaL+ Assessment Executive Summary
There are three main factors and two cultural attributes that play a role in the success of enhancing or moving programs ahead in any given organization. These form the OPaL+ acronym.

Security Barometer: Security's Biggest Challenge
The role of the Security function is essentially to identify and mitigate security risks to the organization.

Security Barometer: What is the Most Important Characteristic of an Outstanding CSO/CISO?
In this Security Barometer relationship building was selected as the most important characteristic of an outstanding CSO/CISO.

Research Shows the 6 Influential Issues to Tackle for Career Growth
The SEC's extensive analysis of the risk management industry and its practitioners has identified six critical issues that need to be addressed to enhance career growth and program success.

Advances and Stalemates in Security
Based on SEC research and collaborations with senior security executives in all types of organizations, these are our thoughts on how security leaders have advanced and where they seem to have hit a wall.

Security Barometer: Building People Networks for the Benefit of Security
In this Security Barometer, the SEC investigated how our readers are working on building their network for the benefit of their security programs.

Things I Learned When Starting a New Security Leadership Role
The smartest people in the room are that way because they learned from others' mistakes.

How to Get the Traction Security Needs to Influence the Organization
If you as a security leader have never asked yourself why the security function isn't gaining the influence and traction it deserves, you are in a very small minority.

Practitioners New to a Leading Role
You want to make sure your first couple of years run smoothly and your plans come to fruition and add value to the company.

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