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Security Leadership: Executive Communication

Are You Considering All Your Risks?
This infographic depicts the key elements of the SEC's Unified Risk Oversight (URO)™ concept.

Faculty Advisor: Communicating Risk Avoidance for Management
Our SEC Faculty Advisor responds to a question about how to call management’s attention to risk that hasn't happened yet without sounding like "Chicken Little."

Faculty Advisor: Reestablishing Security as a Critical Partner within the Organization
Our SEC Faculty Advisor talks about strategies that will help you get a seat at the table with senior management on discussions about risks to the organization.

Faculty Advisor: The Need for Effectively Telling Security's Story
Our SEC Faculty Advisor discusses how to tell your story using messaging that will level-set awareness on what security’s role is and how it brings value to the business.

Faculty Advisor: Gaining Confidence in Showing Value
Our SEC Faculty Advisor discusses some proven elements to help the security leader maintain a strong business focus.

Do You Need a Security Service and Technology Roadmap?
Too often, technology is implemented without regard to future service considerations like acquisition integrations, managing innovation or obsolescence.

Budget, Staffing, Accountability: How Can a Technology Roadmap Help?
Let's focus now on some specific situations in which a technology roadmap can help an organization.

Get Ahead of Social Media Reputational Risk
A reputational risk matrix can act as a starting point for security leaders as they develop and communicate their response plans.

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