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Security Leadership: Next Generation Security Leader

Becoming a Next Generation Security Leader
No single skill set or attribute guarantees security leadership success. Next Generation Security Leadership is a long-range goal for most.

A Brief History of Corporate Security Leadership and its Future
In today's business world, accomplished security leaders need to have both security and business skills and an awareness of emerging issues that may affect the company.

Next Generation Security Leader Graphic
This is an artistic representation of the project developed by the Security Executive Council. Each of the six "knowledge streams" represents the core leadership competencies.

Wanted: A New Type of Security Leader
As the recognition of board-level risk continues to grow across the enterprise, so too does the need for highly trained business executives with security expertise.

Business Evolution Requires Active Security Alignment
As business continues to change, the next generation of security leaders must be prepared to change with it in order to succeed.

The Potential Realm of CSO Responsibilities
This is a visual representation of research conducted by the SEC that shows the potential mitigation services that Security provides to an organization.

Faculty Advisor: The Next Generation Security Leader
Our SEC Faculty Advisor gives pointers on getting to the next level as a security leader.

Eleven Ways to Encourage Strategic Thinking
Security leaders shared their thoughts on the skills that are lacking in the deputies and other potential leaders they are grooming.

Twelve Indicators of Successful Security Programs
Each organization's journey to security evolution is unique, but success often shares a series of common indicators.

Ten Actions Highly Accomplished Security Leaders Take
Over ten years of extensive research and analysis has identified key actions common to successful leaders of security programs.

Intelligence and Resilience in Next Generation Corporate Security
Here are a few key takeaways from a recent SEC forum covering operationalizing and optimizing people, process, and technology for future risk mitigation value.

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