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Security Leadership: Security as a Business

Faculty Advisor: Going Above and Beyond
Our SEC Faculty Advisor gives pointers on getting to the next level.

Smart Security: Practices that Increase Business Profits
The key to smart security is understanding how to win and sustain executive leadership, deal with business realities, identify the root causes of business losses, and have frank discussions on loss when dealing with business risk.

Faculty Advisor: The CSO as a Business Leader
Our SEC Faculty Advisor talks about the CSO's need to "run security as a business," just like other functions do.

Faculty Advisor: Security’s Success is About the Business
Effective security leaders focus on is ensuring every member of the team has a detailed understanding the business’ operating goals and plans and is constantly developing personal business relationship.

Faculty Advisor: Demonstrating Security is Not Just an Expense
Our SEC Faculty Advisor discusses ways to demonstrate how security adds to the bottom line, making the organization more profitable.

Why You Should Conduct Confidence Surveys
Based extensive research the SEC has been recommending a particular kind of survey that we call confidence surveys, which are used to assess the level of confidence the organization has in your programs and services.

Faculty Advisor: Running Security as a Business - Measuring Performance
Our SEC Faculty Advisor elaborates on what "running security as a business" means as it relates to security and what is an example of this approach?

The Importance of Security's Brand Image
If the value security brings to the organization is not readily recognized, management will increasingly marginalize that function as a business.

Smart Security: Practices That Increase Business Profits (Parts 1-4)
This presentation does away with the concept that security is only an expense.

Smart Security: The Quilter Cost/Recovery Matrix (Parts 1-2)
This video focuses on cost analysis through a security cost/recovery matrix, with recommendations on how to apply it and communicate its results to executives.

Three Ways to Improve Buy-In from Your Internal Customers
A common reason security functions struggle to engage their internal users and upper management is that security does not clearly understand how those internal customers think or what they value.

What Does the Board and Senior Management Need to Know About Corporate Security?
Our subject matter experts share some lesser-known benefits of corporate security and examples of ways in which corporate security can evolve beyond the typical expectations.

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