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Security Program Strategy & Operations: Emerging Issues

Emerging Issue Awareness
Emerging issue awareness means something different in every company and industry, and upper management is looking for it now more than ever.

Security’s Role in Corporate Social Responsibility
The Security Executive Council has noticed an uptick in the number of security executives being asked to run corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for their organizations.

Security Barometer Results - Personal Electronic Devices in the Workplace
This SEC quick poll found the number of respondents reporting using personal electronic devices in the workplace has increased to 80%. and the frequency of use of the personal devices has been growing.

Faculty Advisor: Should Security be Involved in Anti-Counterfeiting Program?
Security can play an important role as the company approaches the issue of brand protection, and specifically the problem of product counterfeiting.

Corporate Security Maturity Assessment Peer Comparison
This is a comparison summary of scores from security leaders who have completed maturity assessments based on the SEC's maturity framework maturity scores.

Ranking Security Performance
Here are four of the most often-used methodologies we've seen for demonstrating how your security program ranks to corporate leadership team.

What is Security's Role Regarding Drones
The SEC investigated how security practitioners were approaching the influx of UAS use in their respective organizations. Over 20% of respondents reported Security was involved in anti-drone policies.

Forces of Change: What's on Senior Management's Radar and the Potential Impact on Your Security Strategy
We've tracked a few trends of executive interest that are likely to come up in board meetings and hallway conversations. If you're not ready to talk about your response to these issues, now is a good time to examine them.

Is it Time for a Corporate Security Maturity Assessment?
The benefits that can be achieved from Capability Maturity Models are not just for IT security.

When Your Security Nightmare Comes True
A brief overview of the changes playing out in the legal realm of negligence, defensibility, and what constitutes a defensible security program.

Faculty Advisor: Current Challenges Security Leaders are Facing
In a recent exploration of hot issues seen across our SEC practitioner community and their companies one of the most frequent questions asked is what are the challenges or hot issues leading CSOs are encountering.

Faculty Advisor: Concept of Operations and Why It Should Be In Your Toolkit
One way to achieve clarity and buy-in for security programs is to create a concept of operations (ConOps) document.

Security Barometer Results: Do Cyber and Corporate Security Work Together in Your Organization?
Both cyber/information security and corporate/physical security have roles to play in protecting and securing the organization.

Why Security Needs to Understand Digital Transformation: A Primer
Security cannot ignore that their customers expect transactional experiences to be easy, fast and reliable.

The State of Security Convergence
Are preconceptions about the convergence of corporate and cyber security accurate in practice?

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