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What Exercises, Drills, or Tabletops Is Security Participating In?

In this Security Barometer we wanted to learn more about what types of event response Security is playing a role in.

chart showing results of survey

The "Other" text responses included items such as:

  • Mass Violence Events/Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Fire Drill
  • Pandemic
  • Theft and Recovery of Materials
  • Threat Assessment

We have seen some security organizations are creating drills or tabletops for incidents receiving a lot of attention in the media. Security practitioners should weigh the probability of certain incidents happening at their organization.

An organization can never be prepared for every possible type of scenario that happens but some of the best practices we’ve seen during an incident include:
  • Rehearse your plan
  • Build a multidisciplinary team
  • Understand the elements of crisis leadership
  • Communicate internally and externally
  • Be adaptable
  • Always care for people

Next Steps

If you have a plan in place to address a hazard, is it being put through some sort of regular exercise in order to identify problems or gaps? Tabletop exercises are a great way to test plans in situations where physical drills would be difficult to execute.

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