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Phases of Pandemic with Action Items for Security - Version 2

This graphic showing the phases of pandemic with action items for Security provide a basis for standing up a pandemic program or to shore up the one you have.

It currently has nine phases from "No detected transmission" through "Phased recovery" and "Intense Monitoring". However, it is a work in progress and the SEC is continually updating the action items as more is learned about COVID-19 and the situation evolves.

The graphic makes a great poster to use as a reminder or thought provoker as you help your organization deal with a pandemic. You can download a full size PDF of this image below.

Download a full size PDF of this image below.
Click to download PDF file

This is a work in progress and we are looking for input from you on what might be missing in this list. Email your ideas and comments to: contact@secleader.com.

For more resources see SEC's COVID-19 Security Related Resources

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