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Reimagine Risk and Security™

Given current conditions, what will the "new normal" look like? The SEC’s Security Success Universe, based on 15+ years working with security leaders, can be used to go through security elements that may change in your organization - are there new risks? Some that go away? Others that change ownership? What new processes are needed?

Our process can help you reimagine your risks and what security mitigation could look like.

Our Process

1. New Reality Assessment
The first step is an assessment of your current environment. What needs improving? What are Security's fixed conditions? What recent changes have impacted Security, such as new business directions, new stakeholders, or a merger or acquisition?
2. Define Risks and Desired Outcome
An SEC team made up of former CSOs will engage with you to identify the key risks and determine the continuum of desired outcomes depending on your conditions.
3. SEC Research and Knowledge Base Analysis
Once we understand the issues and potential barriers, we search our extensive security knowledge base for resources or research data that can be used as a base or to kickstart ideas.
4. Collective Knowledge™ Review
Next our subject matter experts coalesce their knowledge to create a plan to help you reach your desired outcome.
5. Examine and Align for Unified Risk Management
What other functions does or should the plan touch? The SEC's Unified Risk Oversight™ model helps plan and communicate the value of cross-functional collaboration.
6. Sponsorship Acceptance and Executive Validation
We assist in communicating the value of the project to the business leader accountable for Security's new vision. This in turn assists in communicating the strategy to senior executives from other functions.
7. Define Business Value Measures
Business value measures are developed for our client team. We also assess what will determine success for the organization, including key stakeholders.
8. Implementation Assistance
You can take the deliverables and run with them or we can guide you through the implementation of your plan. We are here to help you succeed.

The Outcome: Risk and Security Reimagined = Security Leader and Program Success

The Security Executive Council has a proven record of helping security leaders reimagine risk and security, resulting to evermore successful outcomes. Our collective knowledge approach ensures you are not getting one person’s opinion but rather the insight of our community of successful experienced leaders in the industry. We understand what you are facing because we have been there. Contact Us to discuss your challenges.

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