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Measuring and Communicating Security's Value

In corporate security today, while the topic of information technology security metrics has been extensively covered, there are too few knowledgeable contributions to the significantly larger field of global enterprise protection. Measuring and Communicating Security’s Value addresses this dearth of information by offering a collection of lessons learned and proven approaches to enterprise security management.

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Authored by George Campbell, emeritus faculty of the Security Executive Council and former chief security officer of Fidelity Investments, this book includes metrics, key performance indicators, and key risk indicators that have been used effectively in other companies; a detailed program assessment; and information on where to find data and how to use it to create a compelling visual. It demonstrates how to improve influence and how to measure it, how to measure the impact of incidents, how to use metrics to influence policy, and more.

The chapter includes topics such as:

  • Managing Enterprise-Wide Board Risk
  • Identifying Exploitable Security Defects in Business Processes
  • Measuring the Impact of Background Investigations
  • Measuring Security Awareness
  • Tracking Nuisance and False Alarms
  • Leading Indicators

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