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Physical Security Strategy and Process Playbook

When creating a new security function, entering a new role, or reviewing an existing program to identify gaps, having a reliable reference guide on physical security measures can save valuable time and trouble. The Physical Security Strategy and Process Playbook concisely and comprehensively lays out the requirements of physical security management as a critical part of sound business management.

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The book, compiled and edited by John Kingsley-Hefty, includes an explanation of basic physical security concepts; a description of the probable security risks for more than 40 functional areas in business; security performance guidelines along with a variety of supporting mitigation strategies; performance specifications for each of the recommended mitigation strategies; guidance on selecting, implementing, and evaluating a security system; and lists of available physical security resources.

The chapter includes planning considerations, suggested minimum security requirements, and recommended enhancements for a variety of functional areas including

  • Building services
  • Access control for functional business sites
  • Access control for undeveloped land
  • Entrances and exits
  • Chemical security
  • Data storage

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