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The SEC is the leading research and advisory firm focused on corporate security risk mitigation solutions. Having worked with hundreds of companies and organizations we have witnessed the proven practices that produce the most positive transformation. Our subject matter experts have deep expertise in all aspects of risk mitigation strategy; they strategize with security leaders to transform security programs into more capable and valued centers of excellence. Watch our 3-minute video to learn more.

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Is your company dealing with drones, either deploying them or protecting against them? Take our poll.

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Do you feel Security adds value, but you don't feel valued? Our Faculty Advisor speaks to this conundrum.


Pass our article Helping Laypeople Understand Security to your colleagues outside of corporate security.

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The Security Executive Council works with security executives to build risk-based programs and drive value through the security organization.


Discover the many ways the SEC can help with your corporate security strategy.

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Details on the Next Generation Security Leader forum.