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The Solution Innovation Partner (SIP) program is a diligence process that provides corporate security leaders a degree of confidence when choosing security products and service providers. Selected vendors are evaluated for their innovation in the market, their risk mitigation and return on investment capabilities, as well as their trustworthiness. This program allows security practitioners to more easily identify trusted, capable solutions for their unique environment.

SEC subject matter experts examine products and services in the field to validate that they are consistent with the vendor's value proposition.

SEC Tier 1 Leaders are eligible for preferred SIP pricing.

Current Solution Innovation Partner Case Studies:

Acuity Risk Management: Automating Proactive Security Risk Mitigation Operations with STREAM

AirSight: Securing People and Brand with Drone Detection for 3-Dimensional Access Control Risk Mitigation
> View a video on Airsight here.

Asylon: Enhancing People, Asset, and Brand Protection with Drones and Robotics
> View a video on Asylon here.

Bond: Managing and Mitigating Workplace Violence Risk by Deploying Preventative Personal Safety and Security APP Solution
> View a video on Bond here.

Butchko, Inc.: Generating and Delivering System Design for Operational Excellence and Cost-Effective Return on Investment

Damstra: Enhancing People Safety and Asset Safeguarding Through the Operational Digitization of Risk Management
> View a video on Damstra here.

Emergent Risk International: Building Value Added Situational Risk Intelligence Teams
> How Assurant Started Up a Crisis and Threat Management Division in Two Steps
> View a video on Emergent Risk International here.

Evidencity: Leveraging Unique Datasets to Mitigate Customer Supply Chain Risk

Eyeforce: Company Achieves Superior Risk Mitigation Performance and ROI by Transforming Security Services with Remote Audio/Video Monitoring
> View a video on Eyeforce here.

Factal: Developing and Verifying Situational Risk Intelligence At The Speed of The Internet
> How Assurant Started Up a Crisis and Threat Management Division in Two Steps
> View a video on Factal here.

Hakimo: Artificial Intelligence Enhances Security, Compliance and Security Team Operational Efficiency

Hetherington Group: Persistent Assessment and Monitoring of Online, Open-Source Information Delivers High Value Threat Mitigation with Situational Risk Intelligence
> View a video on Hetherington Group here.

HiveWatch: Hyper-growth Tech Company Uses a Data-driven Security Platform to Gain Long-term Savings of $28 Million
> View a video on HiveWatch here.

Kaseware: Managing Intelligence and Case Reporting for Improved Risk Mitigation Outcomes

LifeRaft: Real-Time Open-Source Intelligence Gathering to Protect People, Assets, Information, and Brand
> View a video on LifeRaft here.

Ontic: Improved Incident Reporting, Case Management, and Investigation Resolution to Protect People, Assets, and Brand

Pate Group: Improving Mobile Communication Security and Safety

PostHire: Continuous Employee Screening Assesses Insider Risk and Assures Duty of Care Expectations
> View a video on PostHire here.

Prosegur Global Risk Services: Improving People and Asset Protection in Mexico

Resolver: Drive Safety and Security Beginning with Automated, High-reliability Incident Reporting Analytics
> View a video on Resolver here.

Sentry Enterprises: Eliminating People and Asset Protection Fatigue with One Trusted Biometric Logical and Physical Access Control Assurance Credential

Sigma7: Building a Capacity Cascade Learning Strategy for Improved Emergency and Incident Exercising Acumen and respond to risk.
> View a video on Sigma7 here.

Verensics: Closing Investigations in Record Time with AI Interview Software
> View a video on Verensics here.

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