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Most Popular Security Executive Council Insight Newsletter Resources for the Past Three Years


Key Performance Indicators in Security
Incorporating key performance indicators (KPI) into a robust security metrics program can improve your confidence and influence with senior management.

Are You Thinking Strategically?
If you find yourself asking why you can't convince the business of the value of the security function, why you struggle to influence executives for support or change, and why you never seem to have time to develop your own skills or the skills of your staff...

Strategic Planning: Security Program Life Cycle
The SEC has decades of experience assisting security leaders successfully navigate the security program strategic planning process.

The New Challenges of the CSO
The Chief Security Officer role has confronted new complexities in the face of seismic shifts in risk and business over the last few years.

The Importance of Goals, Strategy and Objectives
Don't neglect developing your security organization's high-level goals, strategies, and objectives. A good strategy can mean the difference between Security being thought of as a necessary cost and Security being thought of as an enterprise-level risk partner.


How to Quickly Show Stakeholders the State of the Security Program
Three security executives in three very different situations used the Security Success Foundation Assessment(TM) in their organizations to achieve positive internal and organizational results.

Security State of the Industry: Travel Security
New research report examines travel security program trends, risk factors, policy and program elements.

What Does the Board and Senior Management Need to Know About Corporate Security?
We asked our subject matter experts to share some lesser-known benefits of corporate security and examples of ways in which corporate security can evolve beyond the typical expectations for the function.

Interviewing Security Candidates in a Talent Shortage
When attrition is high nationwide, finding - and keeping - the right candidates for your core security team becomes an even greater challenge.

What Should Your Corporate Security Organizational Structure Look Like?
Unlike in some other business functions, there is no central standard that lays out a required or ideal organizational structure for corporate security.


Security Risk Assessment: What Not to Do
Research has led us to believe that a significant percentage of risk practitioners are conducting risk assessments that under perform.

COVID-19 Security Response Tactics and Strategies to Consider for Business Resumption Plans
Most organizations are focusing on what they need to do just to deal with temporary facility closures. But what measures should be considered when officials allow businesses to reopen or non-essential associates return to work?

Security Risk Assessment Success Factors
Recently several of our subject matter experts collaborated to develop the following list of security risk assessment success factors, based on their experience and our collective knowledge.

Ten Actions Highly Accomplished Security Leaders Take
For many years, the SEC has been collecting data on what separates standout leaders in security management from the others.

The State of Cyber and Corporate Security Cooperation
Security practitioners from both sides provided their insights regarding the state of cooperation between the security groups.