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Bob Hayes

Managing Director, Security Executive Council

Managing Director, Security Executive Council Bob is the principal architect and founder of the Security Executive Council (SEC). The SEC is a research and advisory services firm that serves a wide range of risk management decision makers. Its community includes forward-thinking security practitioners, agencies, universities, NGOs, innovative solution providers, media companies and industry groups. Backed by a Faculty of more than 100 successful current and former security executives, the SEC creates groundbreaking Collective Knowledge™ research, which is used as an essential foundation for its solutions it creates to assist successful organizations and leaders. The Security Executive Council is the eminent voice on organizational risk mitigation leadership.

Hayes has more than 25 years of experience developing security programs and providing corporations security services including seven years as the CSO at Georgia Pacific, and nine years as security operations manager at 3M. Hayes was one of the first security executives to successfully implement unified management of corporate security, computer security, and business conduct and compliance programs in a Fortune 100 company. His security experience spans the manufacturing, distribution, research and development, and consumer products industries as well as national critical infrastructure organizations. Additionally, he has more than 10 years of successful law enforcement and training experience in Florida and Michigan.

Bob is a recognized innovator in the security field and was named as one of the 25 Most Influential People in the Security Industry by Security Magazine. His concepts have resulted in the SEC publishing over 50 innovative books, research reports and Proven Practices in the last several years. He is a frequent speaker at key industry events. He is a leading expert on security issues and the SEC has written over 500 articles for security, business and executive magazines and has been quoted by such major media outlets as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

The SEC is leveraging its work and sharing knowledge through established strategic alliances and mutual projects with notable universities such as the University of South Carolina Darla Moore Business School and Kennesaw State University Coles School of Business and its Information Assurance Center, Michigan State University and numerous industry organizations and associations.

In Their Own Words

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