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Solution Innovation Partner Program

A Community of Qualified Proven Solution Providers

Will you benefit from:
  • Associating your brand with Tier 1 Leaders?
  • Qualifying your solution as Board-level risk proven practice?
  • Endowing research to advance wider community protection?
  • Having access to former and current CSOs that are strategically situated to ensure ongoing and sustainable partnering opportunities?
  • Being part of a community of like-minded, performance focused and data centric entrepreneurs that are willing to share best practices, resources, tools, and network contacts?

The SIP Program is an informed diligence process that provides end users a degree of confidence as they choose security product and service providers. Selected companies are evaluated for their risk mitigation and return on investment capabilities, as well as their trustworthiness. This program allows practitioners to more easily identify trusted, capable solutions for unique environments.

SIP is a part of the Security Executive Council’s (SEC) Security 2020™ initiative. SEC Tier 1 Leaders are eligible for preferred SIP pricing. The SEC will examine products/services in the field and validate that they are consistent with partner's value proposition.

Some benefits of a SIP annual membership:

  • Your introduction and engagement with the rest of our SIP community through bi-monthly SIP community conference calls as well as quarterly 1-on-1 SEC Faculty Member (former CSOs) business reviews. The objective of these calls is to better drive win-win-win SIP opportunities.
  • Your Proven Solution case study will be publicized on our website and in newsletters with a 15,000 + readership.
  • The opportunity to present your Proven Solution case study with your endorsing end user at one of our Next Generation Security Leadership Program events.
  • Receipt of one (1) SEC produced publication (book or report) of your choice from the Elsevier store. You can choose one (1) item from either the Books or Reports categories.
  • Collaboration within the SEC community to produce "State-Of-The-Industry" publications or podcasts. Click to see some examples. Our publications or podcasts allow you to share factual and SEC authenticated industry knowledge that clearly identifies proven value solution value.
  • Revenue share potential with the SEC

Solution Innovation Partner Case Studies:

Consolidating and optimizing global risk mitigation is often talked about but seldom persuasively proven. The Solution Innovation Partner case studies showcase how talented security practitioners and capable solution providers can collectively identify client opportunities. The results include improved protection, cost, mission assurance and ongoing influence.

Asylon: Enhancing People, Asset, and Brand Protection with Drones and Robotics

Bond: Improving Personal Security and Reducing Costs by Deploying AI-powered Personal Security Combined with SOC As a Service (Virtual SOC)

Butchko, Inc.: Generating and Delivering System Design for Operational Excellence and Cost-Effective Return on Investment

Damstra: Enhancing People Safety and Asset Safeguarding Through the Operational Digitization of Risk Management

Emergent Risk International: Building Value Added Situational Risk Intelligence Teams

Eyeforce: Company Achieves Superior Risk Mitigation Performance and ROI by Transforming Security Services with Remote Audio/Video Monitoring

Kaseware: Managing Intelligence and Case Reporting for Improved Risk Mitigation Outcomes

LifeRaft: Real-Time Risk Intelligence Gathering to Protect People, Assets, Information, and Brand

911 Security: Protecting University of Kentucky People and Brand with Drone Detection for 3-Dimensional Access Control and All-Hazards Risk Mitigation

Ontic: Enhancing Situational Risk Understanding with an Always-On Approach to Collecting Critical Intelligence and Conducting Threat Analysis

Resolver: Drive Safety and Security Beginning with Automated, High-reliability Incident Reporting Analytics

Risk and Strategic Management, Corp.: Building a Capacity Cascade Learning Strategy for Improved Emergency and Incident Exercising Acumen

Traction Guest: Optimizing Access Integration, Entry, and Compliance for Improved Health, Safety and Security

Topo.ai: Achieving GSOC Single Operating Picture for Continuously Improving Mission Assurance and Value

Verensics: Using Algorithmic Screening to Identify High-Risk Attitudes and Behaviors that Criminal Background Screening Fails to Identify

How to Participate or Become Involved:

Francis D’Addario, Emeritus Faculty for Strategic Influence and Innovation at contact@secleader.com or +1.202.730.9984
Dean Correia, Emeritus Faculty, Canada at contact@secleader.com or +1.647.888-3537

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