Five Security Program Maturity Assessments

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Online questionnaires offer immediate feedback

Are your security programs as far along as you think they are? How do you know for sure? And how do you communicate your progress?

There are many ways security practitioners can gauge the effectiveness or comparable state of their programs – metrics, program reviews, peer benchmarking, third-party assessments. But how do we measure our programs' improvement toward a goal over time? How do we show management we're not only meeting their needs - we're improving?

If you want a quick way to gauge the maturity of your individual security programs, the SEC has created a series of abbreviated corporate security program maturity assessments that are based on our extensive research. Today we're offering these to our newsletter community for free.

Each one takes only a few minutes to complete, and your score is immediately provided. Assessments are anonymous, so your data is not linked to you or your organization. You may provide your email in optional fields at the end of the survey if you would like the SEC to send you an analysis of the aggregated responses of all participants. Your information is never shared.

We hope these short assessments provide you with some valuable insight.

Click a link below to begin an assessment:

Access Control and Physical Security

Global Security Operations Center


Threat Management and Safe and Secure Workplaces

Uniformed Officer Services

If you are interested in the a more in-depth examination of your security maturity level, Contact us.
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