The Manager's Handbook for Business Security

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The Manager’s Handbook for Business Security is the quick-reference guide to successful security management.

New security managers don’t always have the luxury of time to deeply research comprehensive textbooks on security fundamentals before they start taking action to build their programs. The same applies to security practitioners transitioning from the public sector, small companies that do not have a full-fledged security department, and business executives who simply want to understand the security function. The Manager’s Handbook is built for them.

Designed for ease of use, this book distills the Collective Knowledge™ of the SEC’s members, faculty and staff into a series of short, focused topics that are presented in concise, actionable, and practical terms. Topics include security leadership, regulation, metrics, training, marketing the program, strategy, and more.

The goal is to challenge readers to critically evaluate their programs, better engage their business leaders, provide tools for planning and enhancing security programs, pass along some lessons learned, and generate value-added ideas.

Ways to use this resource:

  • As a baseline in the creation of a new security program
  • To validate or grow existing programs
  • Share with non-security business leaders with an interest or a stake in corporate security
  • As a primer for the new security manager, business executive learning the security function, small company without a full-fledged security function, or leader transitioning from the public to the private sector

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