Establishing the Value of All-Hazards Risk Mitigation (Parts 1-5)

Return to Risk-Based Security
Created by Francis D'Addario, Security Executive Council Emeritus Faculty

In this presentation series, Francis D’Addario, SEC emeritus faculty and former VP of Partner and Asset Protection of Starbucks Coffee Company, explains how companies can tangibly enhance enterprise risk mitigation and brand by prioritizing people across the organization. He also presents data and examples to help security practitioners define and communicate the total cost of risk and return on investment of an all-hazards approach.

Part 1: Understanding All-Hazards Risks
Part 2: Prioritizing People and a Culture of Care
Part 3: Tangible Effects of Lack of Care
Part 4: Establishing Cost and Determining ROI
Part 5: Continuous Assessment and Strategic Mapping

Return to Risk-Based Security