10 Steps to Success in Your First Three Years

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Walking into any new leadership position can be both invigorating and daunting. A new security leader faces pressure to quickly learn the lay of the land, make strong impressions among staff, peers, and executives, plant a flag for shifting strategy or change, and review what the function has done up to their tenure, all while managing the day to day.

While it’s important to pace oneself, the savvy new security leader will recognize that with the first few years on the job comes a critical opportunity to build influence and enact change.

The graphic below depicts 10 important tasks for new security leaders to prioritize in their admittedly long to-do list. Focusing on these tasks up front will help security leaders understand their new environment and make the kinds of connections with stakeholders that give them confidence in security’s willingness to collaborate and capability to lead.

You can download a PDF of this graphic below:
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