Let the SEC Help Solve Your Problems

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Our program is good but want to see if it can be improved.
  • We just had a significant failure and management is expecting an extreme transformation.
  • How do we show and communicate the value of Security?
  • We need to justify program cost and need a business case for more resources.
  • Explain to a new executive the benefit of the security department within the organization.
  • How do we compare to best in class?
  • Security has been asked to reduce costs by "X%"
  • We want to better understand our risks and the impact on the corporation.
  • Security needs to improve the speed to react to risks.
  • How to better assess what needs to be protected and who/what are the threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Worried we are not doing all we can do to protect the organization; are we missing anything?
  • Be able to answer executive management’s “why” questions, e.g., Why does the business need these security programs? Why should we spend this much money on this? Why do employees have to do awareness training? Why require security duties of site managers? Why should I take this to my boss for approval?
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