Kathleen Kotwica featured on Security Podcasts: Women in Security Edition

September 29, 2021 – Kathleen Kotwica, Executive Vice President and Chief Knowledge Strategist at the Security Executive Council and Principal Analyst, Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI), recently sat down with Layan Dahhan of The Security Podcasts: Women in Security Edition to discuss her career in security and the state of corporate security research. The podcast celebrates influential women in security.

Kotwica discussed the challenges of conducting research in corporate security, a field in which leaders frequently balk at sharing information. She recognized early on that without industry-wide research, security leaders would forever be reinventing wheels, from developing or enhancing security programs to gaining traction with their senior management.

Kotwica has spent the last 16 years developing, conducting, and enhancing research specific to the corporate security function in an effort to provide meaningful, reliable trend data and benchmarks not just for a few security leaders but to improve the industry as a whole. She has architected and directed what is believed to be the largest knowledge base on security program and leader success.

“What people need to know is the more they share, the more information and actionable resources we can create for them,” Kotwica told the podcast.

Click here to listen to the podcast. To explore the SEC’s most recent corporate security research or to become involved, visit the Security Leadership Research Institute.

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