Bill King

Subject Matter Expert: Security Force Optimization
Bill King boasts over 40 years of military and contract security experience. Bill spent 27 years in the US Marine Corps where he served as an infantryman, reconnaissance specialist, drill instructor and Counterintelligence Agent. His training in the Marine Corps included numerous counter and anti terrorism courses; the Department of Navy Security Manager’s Course; Defense of Methods of Entry Course as well as numerous other security and intelligence related courses.

Bill has previously held various management positions within the contract security business ranging from Security Officer to Vice President/General Manager. He has a great deal of experience working with large multi-facility clients, corporate campuses, industrial and government facilities and is very skilled in business development, officer training, fire and life safety training and security program design. Bill is active in both professional and civic organizations that include ASIS, the Marine Corps Counterintelligence Association and the Boy Scouts of America.

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