Five Tools for Success

How do you measure security program success?

The SEC’s five research-based assessments give security leaders a way to determine the function’s current state, pinpoint gaps, identify options, and communicate the way forward.

Each tool aligns with the kinds of assessments senior management uses elsewhere in the corporation. However, these five tools were created specifically for corporate security by subject matter experts who know security operations and strategy firsthand.

What Can I Expect from Each Assessment?

5 Tools What Management Wants

Senior leadership presses the security department to show the value of the program at critical business junctures, such as when major security incidents occur or when costs must be cut. Assessing the program before the questions start puts the security leader in a position of strength and creates new avenues of success for the function and the organization.

What Outcomes Will They Achieve?

5 Tools Outcomes

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Keep Security Ahead of Management’s Questions with Continuous Improvement

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