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SEC – ESC Alliance to Define Energy Sector Security Success Factors

New partnership also offers leadership value to energy sector companies
Security Executive Council

With ‘Great Resignation’, Corporations Need to Prepare for the Great Investigation

Corporations across the globe are reporting increases in suspicious activity, data leakage, IP theft and other data risks stemming from departing employees and remote workers.
Law Journal Newsletters

How Corporate Intelligence Teams Help Businesses Manage Risk

Companies increasingly relying on in-house intelligence for risk management, though structures differ.
Harvard Business Review

DHS warns electrical infrastructure an 'attractive target' for domestic extremists

Domestic extremists have been developing plans to attack U.S. electric power infrastructure, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned in a bulletin obtained by The Hill.
The Hill

Common Office Desk Phone Could Be Leaking Info to Chinese Government, Report Alleges

A major Chinese phone maker could be putting U.S. consumers, companies, and even national security data at risk.
Defense One

SEC Provides Scholarships to University Partners for the Next Generation of Security Leaders

Up to $7,500 allotted to support students in select security, risk and intelligence programs.
Security Executive Council

Weather Disasters in U.S. Dominate Natural Disaster Losses in 2021

Worldwide, natural disasters caused substantially higher losses in 2021 than in the two previous years. Storms, floods, wildfires and earthquakes destroyed assets worth US$ 280bn.
Munich RE

Communication Hub Framework for Local Emergency Management

UGA researchers have developed a framework emergency managers can use to effectively disseminate information during a disaster.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health