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How Has the Terrorism Threat Changed Twenty Years After 9/11?

The U.S. counterterrorism response to the September 11, 2001, attacks yielded some remarkable successes and disastrous failures in hunting al-Qaeda. The top terrorist threat today, though, is domestic rather than foreign.
Council on Foreign Relations

Weather-related disasters increase over past 50 years, causing more damage but fewer deaths

The World Meteorological Organization report is the most comprehensive review of mortality and economic losses from weather, water and climate extremes to date.

U.S. Digital Corps Launched to Recruit the Next Generation of Technology Talent to Federal Service

The U.S. Digital Corps will recruit Americans with skill sets in software engineering, data science, design, cybersecurity, and other critical technology fields to kickstart their careers in federal service.
Homeland Security Today

When Does Sexual Harassment Become a Cybersecurity Threat?

Why security staff need to get involved in preventing, interdicting, and recovering from sexual harassment, assault, and boorish interpersonal conduct problems.
Business Reporter

SEC Named Finalist in Outstanding Security Performance Awards

The SEC was nominated in the Outstanding Security Consultant category.
Security Executive Council

'Domestic Extremism' Is Greatest Terror Threat Facing US, Says DHS Secretary Mayorkas

"We are building an infrastructure to better equip ourselves to disseminate information," the DHS secretary said. "We have started to issue bulletins and information alerts to state, local, territorial, markers, we're working in partnership with law enforcement, with the Bureau of Investigation, with other federal and state authorities to get that information out."

Why National Security Agencies Must Analyze Climate Risks

July marked the initial deadline for the Pentagon and other federal agencies to draw up plans for potential climate risks, under an executive order by President Biden.

CDC adds 16 destinations to 'very high' Covid-19 travel risk list

International travel considerations for businesses and individuals.

Federal cybersecurity defenses not strong enough to protect American data, Senate report warns

Federal agencies responsible for safeguarding the security and personal data of millions of Americans have failed to implement basic defenses against cyberattacks, according to a report from Senate investigators released Tuesday.
CBS News

Reconsidering enterprise security in a world of hybrid work

In April 2020, the FBI reported a nearly 400% increase in cybersecurity complaints over the previous month, and large-scale data breaches increased 273% from Q1 2019 to Q1 2020.

Business risk and resilience report provides benchmark for insurers

Beazley report finds supply chain, regulatory and business interruption risks were felt most acutely by business leaders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Insurance Business Magazine

New Benchmark Offers Detailed Comparison Data for Security Programs

Security leaders have used the budget, title, and reporting data provided by this benchmark to avoid budget reductions and secure job title changes to better reflect their level of responsibility.
Security Executive Council

Security robots expand across U.S., with few tangible results

As more government agencies and private sector companies resort to robots to help fight crime, the verdict is out about how effective they are in actually reducing it.
NBC News

CEOs want SEC climate reporting separate from earnings but concede new rules are likely

The SEC’s climate disclosure effort is expected to pursue rulemaking in the second half of the year.

Security Executive Council Welcomes Five New Security Experts

The Security Executive Council (SEC) is proud to welcome Tom Bello, Coral Gehring, Matthew Giese, Bill, King, and Tom Mahlik to its faculty of esteemed security experts.
Security Executive Council

D’Addario Recognized as Protective Intelligence Thought Leader

The Security Executive Council congratulates Emeritus Faculty of Strategic Innovation Francis D’Addario for being recognized as a Thought Leader in the inaugural Protective Intelligence Honors from Ontic’s Center for Protective Intelligence. Ontic is an SEC Solution Innovations Partner.
The Security Executive Council