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Hospitals being hit in coordinated, targeted ransomware attack from Russian-speaking criminals

In the space of 24 hours beginning Monday, six hospitals from California to New York have been hit by the Ryuk ransomware, which encrypts data on computer systems, forcing the hospitals in some cases to disrupt patient care and cancel noncritical surgeries, analysts said.
The Washington Post

Here's Where The Threat Of Militia Activity Around The Elections Is The Highest

A new report by ACLED, a crisis-mapping project, and the research group MilitiaWatch maps out potential hot spots for militia-style activities around the elections.

Defining the Security Metrics that Matter

Security trainer Tanya Janca lays out the types of metrics that are critical for cybersecurity.
Infosecurity Magazine

NIST guidance tackles how to integrate cyber-security with ERM

New guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) aims to demystify a process with which many companies across all industries have long struggled: how to seamlessly integrate cyber-security risk into an overall enterprise risk management program.
Compliance Week

Re.Think Talks/Building business resilience: what has Covid-19 taught us?

Economies around the world have been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic and revealed serious vulnerabilities and weaknesses. What can we learn from today’s crisis to build more resilience into our systems?
Prevention Web

Internet-Connected Systems May Prompt Converged Security Models

Bob Hayes and other leaders discuss models for converging security.
The Wall Street Journal

Survey Shows Increased Collaboration Between Cyber and Corporate Security

The survey, conducted in collaboration with SEC strategic alliance partner ISC2, identified emerging issues of joint interest as the most frequent drivers for the increase.
The Security Executive Council

The Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends Of 2020: A Post Covid-19 Assessment

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw technology accelerate a breakneck pace.

2019: Global Terrorism Overview

This presentation from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) finds that 2019 was the fifth consecutive year of declining global terrorism since terrorist violence peaked in 2014 at nearly 17,000 attacks and more than 44,000 total deaths.

Locking Down the House: Benefits and Risks of Corporate Security Policies in Employees Homes

Much of the workforce is now well into the pandemic-driven remote work model. We're learning on the fly about new norms, opportunities and risks, with insights coming up unexpectedly and often.
CPO Magazine

Covid-19 Highlights Need For New Approaches To Risk Management

The pandemic has illustrated how corporate leaders and their risk management teams need to constantly review and enhance the fundamentals of the risk function and increase its connectivity and collaboration across the business.