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Justifying Improvements Is Security's Biggest Challenge

Security practitioners still frequently struggle to show the value of security programs and improvements, according to new survey results released this month by the Security Executive Council.
The Security Executive Council

Home Depot Ties Opioid Crisis to Recent Surge in Store Theft

The shrink has gotten so bad that it will narrow Home Depot’s operating profit margins next year, executives said during a meeting with analysts and investors.

6 Signs Your Corporate Culture Is a Liability

One in five employees report experiencing a cultural crisis – a significant incident indicative of troubling workplace attitudes and behaviors – in their organization in the last year or two.
Harvard Business Review

Climate change risks need new risk management approach: Experts

Traditional risk management strategies don’t fully address the broad and long-term threats of a changing climate, but they can be adjusted to better cope with the problems that arise from rising temperatures.
Business Insurance

Risk Management and Black Swan Events

Because of advanced computing and other emerging technologies, there are Black Swan events we can plan for, and help contain through risk management. While there are many scenarios. There are three categories that I believe we should apply risk management principles to including; 1) threats to the energy grid and critical infrastructure, 2) bio-terrorism and pandemics, and 3) the potential of malevolent artificial intelligence.

The Science Security Threat

At gathering of university research officers, federal agency officials document foreign governments' efforts to persuade scientists to engage in academic espionage.
Inside Higher Ed

SEC Poll Identifies Challenges for Security Departments

The Security Leadership Research Institute, the SEC’s research arm, is asking security practitioners to share their expertise by helping to identify the challenges in their organizations. This input will help the SLRI target their resources at the concerns that are most pressing for security leaders.
Security Executive Council

Have we become too paranoid about mass shootings?

The author's research has shown a big discrepancy between the actual threat of mass shootings and the way the public perceives that threat. In other words, people think mass shootings are far more common than they are.
The Conversation

Often Missed Key Strategies That Can Undermine Your Program and Career

Bob Hayes, Managing Director of the SEC, introduces OPaL+ and how you can apply it to avoid the things that undermine your plans.
The Security Executive Council

Fresh Privacy Legislation Would Jail CEOs for Violations

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., introduced legislation aimed at strengthening people's privacy rights. Wyden says his bill will "bring meaningful punishments for companies that violate people's data privacy, including larger fines and potential jail time for CEOs."
Bank InfoSecurity

The increasing overlap between loss prevention and tech teams

It is paramount that LP teams work in tandem with their company’s technology teams to stay ahead.
National Retail Federation

Don’t Overlook LinkedIn as a Corporate Security Risk

What are the main risks corporate security professionals need to be watching for as we use LinkedIn?
Security Magazine

New Series Explores Security Leadership Success Factors

This free series explores factors that influence success in security leadership, drawing on the experience of current and former security executives, backed by research findings from the SEC’s Security Leadership Research Institute.
Security Executive Council

How Technology Can Improve Physical Safety in Schools

Surveillance, communication and cybersecurity are essential ingredients for a safe learning environment.
Ed Tech Magazine

In Countering a Creative Security Threat, Anticipation Is Key

Because criminals, militants, spies and the like are ever resourceful, security personnel must overcome some of their traditional inflexibility in addressing threats to their companies.

The CEOs of nearly 200 companies just said shareholder value is no longer their main objective

The Business Roundtable, a group of chief executive officers from major U.S. corporations, issued a statement with a new definition of the “purpose of a corporation” that drops the notion that corporations function first and foremost to serve their shareholders and maximize profits. Rather, investing in employees, delivering value to customers, dealing ethically with suppliers and supporting outside communities are now at the forefront of American business goals.

Capital One Breach Highlights Dangers of Insider Threats

Experts say the incident shows how, as more information is stored in the cloud, staff trained in how to use these systems could become a threat to other companies.
The Wall Street Journal

Walmart Workers’ New Security Threat Is Active Shooters, Not Shoplifters

How Walmart is responding in the wake of the El Paso shooting.
The Wall Street Journal