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COVID-19 Highlights the Need to Plan for Joint Disasters

Considering that most risk studies in the past have been focused on single events, is the U.S. prepared to deal with the possibility of extreme weather events as well as a pandemic?
Columbia University Earth Institute

Most Americans are not willing or able to use an app tracking coronavirus infections

The apps would work by using the short-range Bluetooth radios standard in smartphones to create anonymized records of the people they had interacted with while going about their day. When smartphone users learn that they are infected, health officials would give them a code they could use to send alerts to the people they had come into contact with, urging protective measures such as testing or quarantine.
The Washington Post

Scientists to Stop COVID-19 Releases Four Proposals

Proposals aim to produce safe and effective COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines in the shortest possible timeframe and reopen our society in a manner that reduces the risk of future COVID-19 outbreaks.
Wall Street Journal

Security Executive Council Launches COVID-19 Security Resource Page

The new page includes vetted security-specific tools and resources that will help security leaders transition their organizations safely through the next pandemic phases of deceleration and phased recovery.
Security Executive Council

The US is tracking people's movements with phone data, and it's part of a massive increase in global surveillance

Governments across the world are galvanizing every surveillance tool at their disposal to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Business Insider

This is the human impact of COVID-19 – and how business can help

Following WHO advice, there is a need for the business community to move from general support to specific actions and focus on countries’ access to critical supplies.
World Economic Forum

Zoom’s A Lifeline During COVID-19: This Is Why It’s Also A Privacy Risk

As the COVID-19 crisis is increasing the frequency people use the video chat service Zoom, it’s important we are aware of the implications for our privacy.

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

12 tips on how to lead your business through the coronavirus
Harvard Business Review

Flybe won’t be the last business to be downed by the coronavirus

As the infection and death toll from coronavirus continues to creep higher, the first high-profile corporate casualties are starting to emerge.
The Guardian

The coronavirus outbreak is the 'biggest danger' for the global economy since the financial crisis and could halve growth in 2020, OECD warns

The novel coronavirus has the world economy in its most "precarious position" since the 2008 financial crisis, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said in its latest forecast.
Markets Insider

SEC Renames GSOC Best Practices Group

The Next Generation GSOC Group continues to drive GSOC innovation.
Security Executive Council

Johns Hopkins Offers Coronavirus Tracker

John Hopkins University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering has deployed a real-time 2019-nCoV virus tracker.
Johns Hopkins University

Virus threatens U.S. companies’ supply of Chinese-made parts and materials

“The concern is not the zombie apocalypse with people dying in the streets. The concern is that a huge chunk of the global economy gets put out of commission as people wait it out,” said Patrick Chovanec, managing director at Silvercrest Asset Management in New York.
The Washington Post

How the coronavirus is already hurting global business

Major shops, restaurants and tourist destinations are shuttering their doors across China, as global businesses begin to feel the effects of the deadly Wuhan virus outbreak.